Happy Measure 3D Ruler 3.0

Source:Weekend Labs UG.

Measure your physical objects visually and place them virtually anywhere.

Happy Measure is a new cool AR technology demonstrator developed by T-Labs Berlin. Now you can measure any object as well as capture their visual appearance and place them virtually anywhere.

It's a tool to capture real world objects as a simple 3D model along with their appearance (textures) and place them virtually anywhere using the marker. Happy Measure provides a visual perception of how large furniture is in 3D in real-time on your android device. Not only this, it can also show you your furniture or objects with real colours and textures to see how something looks in its new environment!

Want to know if your old big couch fits along a wall in your new apartment? Want to see how a nice chest of drawers fits and looks in your bedroom? Measuring with a tape is accurate but slow. Often what we really need is a good feel of how much space is occupied by a piece of furniture. Happy Measure give precisely this perception of appearance and size.

Permissions: Requires camera with autofocus and internet access to gather the latest information in our about section, SD read/write access for storage of user generated 3D models.

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